Budget Considering for Event Projection Mapping

The Event Content Dubai company vjdxb has created some of the most breathtaking projection mapping displays. Among these include mapping onto the biggest monument in the world, projecting onto the ice at a sporting event or music venue, captivating people at the digital graffiti festival, and a table mapping display that provided a distinctive culinary experience.

The high-tech equipment required to perform projection mapping correctly can be costly. Here are some questions to consider when creating your projection mapping budget.

What is it that your projection mapping is intended to project?
The size and intricacy of the image or video you plan to project will determine a cost in major part. More money will be involved the bigger it is. A higher end is typically reserved for 3D projection mapping that includes videos, especially when live feeds are included. Avoid things simple by merely projecting something onto one surface, such as a logo or textured presentation, if money becomes a constraint for your needs. This will keep things from getting too complicated and will allow you to try something more ambitious, such as playing a big-scale game.

Consider doing other things, such as projecting shorter clips on several surfaces that feel relevant in nature without being overtly noticeable, for smaller activations where visitors won’t require as much space to examine everything else that is going on around them.

How Big Is the Event Space?
Large rooms require more projectors, and the cost of projection mapping will be higher as a result. Recall that if money is scarce, you shouldn’t worry about making brand-new 3D projected environments for event attendees to enjoy the experience. Use projections in your venue’s main points, such as the entrances, speaker platforms, bathrooms, and buffet tables, where people like to gather or glance.

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