Read This One for Considering Your Persian Carpet’s Lifespan

If there is a lot of foot traffic on your Persian carpet, it will quickly come to the point where a simple vacuum won’t be able to remove the dirt and dust. Before attempting to clean your Persian carpet, the carpet cleaners northern beaches will provide you with the information you need to know. Or, you can call us to provide you with carpet care specialists in the safest and cleanest way.

Are Persian carpets safe to be cleaned?
Your carpet will remain in good condition for a longer period of time if you use suitable cleaning methods. You should always choose professional cleaning over attempting it at home, but you should always check the label for care instructions.

What is the proper method for steam cleaning a Persian rug?
The type of material used to make the rug will determine how long it will last. Silk, wool, nylon, cotton, and synthetic materials are the most often used materials to make Persian carpets. Steam cleaning a thick wool carpet won’t entirely clean the front and back of it; natural materials require particular care. In the worst situation, an excessive amount of moisture can also make natural fibers stretch or shrink, potentially resulting in long-term harm to your rug.

How to make a persian rug smell fresh again
Older Persian rugs can develop a musty stench, and wool carpets are especially vulnerable because of their ability to retain moisture, which leads to mildew over time. To get rid of irritating scents, consider some of the following methods:

1. A bright day is the best time to leave your rug outside for a few hours.
2. Working in portions, fan-dry the rug from both sides.
3. A bespoke cleaning job performed by a qualified carpet cleaner is a surefire approach to getting rid of mildew.

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