The Cleaning Method Used By Carpet Cleaning Riverview

The carpet cleaning riverview is a carpet cleaning service agency that uses technology and machines in accordance with carpet washing standards. The method we use ensures that your carpet is clean, and keeps the carpet looking as fresh as new ultra brite carpet tile cleaning.

What tools are used to wash carpets? We use Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Carpet Extractor, Dual Brush Cleaner, and Hot Water Extraction machines. This type of machine is recommended by carpet manufacturers because it is safe and does not damage the carpet.

During the carpet washing process, we only use low-foam carpet shampoos. This is so that no residue is left behind and speeds up the rinsing process.

There are several methods we use to clean your carpet.

Dry Cleaning
The Dry Cleaning method can be used for printing carpets that do not want to be washed wet. This cleaning method does not use water but uses a cleaning powder that can break down dirt and disinfect carpets. The trick is to pour the powder onto the dirty carpet, then brush it with a machine. After all parts of the carpet are brushed with powder, then lift or vacuum the dirt on the carpet with the Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

Dual Brush Cleaning
This method uses a machine with Dual Brush or Roller Brush technology that can clean stains between and inside the carpet. This carpet washing machine has a compact and flexible design so that it is suitable for small or narrow areas such as workspaces or hotel rooms.

Deep Cleaning
The Deep Cleaning method is a method of washing wet carpets with a Carpet Extractor and Hot Water Extraction machine. This method can clean stubborn stains on the bottom of the carpet.

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