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Steam Star Carpet & Tile Cleaning is the best cleaning service provider for northern beaches carpet cleaning in the field of providing sofa, carpet, spring bed, sofa bed, etc. cleaning services. Steam Star Carpet & Tile Cleaning uses a variety of the latest state-of-the-art dry clean technologies all selected to make maximum results because we realize that from an economic point of view there is a strong need to improve indoor cleanliness and hygienic hygiene standards to help improve physical health and automatically health. spiritually awake.

Sofa Deodorizer
Common household odors, along with smoking, cooking and pets cause the sofa to smell. Steam cleaners are used on most sofa fabrics to remove the cause of unpleasant odors on your favorite sofa. We use washing the sofa with the sofa lift, steam cleaning, and capturing unpleasant odors on the sofa. A deodorizer neutralizes and eliminates the source of odors on the sofa.

Removing Sofa Stains
Remove grease, cheese, coffee, and ink stains, all treated with different cleaning and washing sofas. The product must have the right pH level to be used to remove stains and protect sofa fibers.

Restoring the Softness of the Sofa Skin
Leather cleaning is carried out using the best sofa washing techniques with specialized cleaners available. The flashy parts will be tested before using the product on the whole sofa. Water can stain leather sofas. Technicians rely on as little water as possible when cleaning leather sofas.

Proper care for carpets and sofas
People who have a sofa care and maintenance regimen will need professional services less often. Surface stains should be removed as soon as possible, and usually, fresh stains are easier to lift. Dusting the sofa once every week is recommended. Dirt and dust are kept to a minimum, so grime was prevented from being ground on.

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